Sacred Stillness

We are in the midst of twelve days and nights that are celebrated by some people as the 12 Days of Christmas and by others as the 12 Holy Nights. There is a sacred stillness, a pause between this year and next year that invites inner reflection and contemplation.

Gift yourself with time to be in this sacred stillness.  Reflect on your paths of Self, Relationship, and Community as you look behind at 2015 and ahead to 2016.

Some of the tools that you might want to use:

The last of the twelve days is Epiphany on January 6th.  In the nativity story, this is the day that the wise ones visited the baby.  They followed a star to find him and brought gifts.  Watch for your own inner wise ones.  They know the way to find you and are bringing gifts.

Draw from your rich time of sacred reflection and receiving to define and explore your unique pathways of authenticity, flow, and purpose in Self, Relationship, and Community.   Join us at Spiraling In to 2016: Your Sacred Path on January 16th.  Enjoy being in the supportive company of like minded people who “get” you, and leave feeling excited about your New Year.  Click here to bless yourself with a great start to the New Year!