Sensing your path

Fall steps are a delight to the senses: leaves crackling under your feet and dancing in the air as you kick them, the musty smell of autumn air, and the chill of the breeze on your cheeks.

After walking outside, sit for a few minutes savoring a warm cup of your favorite drink.  Let your thoughts swirl with the rising steam and lightly think about walking your sacred paths

  • Self (your unique way of being)
  • Relationship (connections with valued others)
  • Community (group connection).

These three paths are separate and also intertwine together, supporting each other.  Together they form a life of authenticity, flow, and purpose.

  • How are you feeling on each of these paths?
  • What has happened with recent steps on them?
  • Do you hear anything calling you forward on these paths?

As your drink warms you from the inside out, think about one step on any of these paths that you would enjoy taking.  What are some ways you could take this step?  Would you like to do it alone or with a friend or two?  Savor the possibilities.

And then find ways to take your step.  Watch where it leads you and what you hear, see, smell, and feel as you go.

Maybe one of these Center experiences would be a good next step on your path?

A Taste of Somaveda® Thai Yoga Bodywork

Explore gentle rocking, deep stretching and rhythmic compressions to encourage the body’s natural healing ability in a mindful way.  Enjoy a hands on taste of Somaveda® Thai Yoga Bodywork, including specific techniques for neck and shoulders, flexibility, and balanced energy flow.  [More…]

Drawing Your Heart Center: A Contemplative Art ExperienceGift yourself with time looking at the heart of who you are through contemplative play using color and shape.  Perfect for you if you want to learn (or revisit) contemplative art.  You naturally knew how to color when you were a child. That wisdom, curiosity and openness are all you need to enjoy this program.  [More…]

Spiraling In: Your Sacred PathTake a sacred pause to more deeply explore your unique self, relationship, and community paths.  Appreciate your own wisdom and let it show you the way to grow and expand naturally.  [More…]


Do you have thoughts or questions about your next steps?  Connect with the Creative Life Center community in the post comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.