Journaling Your Way

What keeps you from journaling?  Would you reconsider if you knew that journaling is

  • Fast and fits your schedule.  You can journal in less than 5 minutes, and you don’t have to do it every day.
  • Not a test.  Spelling, grammar, style, and handwriting do not matter at all!
  • Flexible.  Use it for any topic (large or small) and with any kind of “writing”.  Journaling can be done without sentences or even words.

But even then… why spend your valuable time doing it?

Untangle your thoughts
When your head is swirling, a strong emotion has hold of you, or you just aren’t sure what’s up, journaling is a way to check in and get a clearer picture of where you are.

  • Just let words flow on the paper, free form without editing or judgement.  You may be surprised to see what appears.
  • Draw a mandala or doodle.  Both are free form journaling with shape and color.  (Watch this video for an easy way to draw mandalas.)

Draw mandala in your journal.

Tap into support from your body
The act of journaling is a kinesthetic way to process life and take steps forward.

  • Before you go to bed, write down three times when you were happy during the day.
  • In the morning, write down a memory of play from earlier in your life. In the evening, write down a time the you played during the day.

Play Journal

Talk to yourself
No one else knows you better than you do!  Journaling is a good way to give voice to your inner wisdom and thoughts.

  • You walk three paths in life – Self (your unique way of being), Relationship (connections with valued others), and Community (group connection).  Write down a couple of ideas for steps that you would like to take on each of these three paths.
  • You get wiser every day!  Write notes about something that you learned or relearned today.

These ideas and thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg.  Here are some next steps to go deeper.

October is National Journal Writing Month.  Click here to read one of the creative journal prompts on the NaJoWriMo website.   The Center is posting journaling ideas for you on Facebook and Twitter.

Journal to Self by Kathleen Adams is a wonderful book full of great journaling ideas to choose from.

The Center’s signature program, Spiraling In: Your Sacred Path, offers you the chance to explore your next steps in Self, Relationship, and Community in the company of others also wanting to be comfortable and excited about where they are heading.  Everyone gets a hard cover Creative Life Center journal.  Click here for information on the special session of Spiraling In to 2016 on January 16th.

Journal Choices

What journaling ideas do you have?  Please share with the Creative Life Center community in the post comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter.

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