How to Create Space for Your Sacred Living

What is space for sacred living?  I have been thinking more about that while our house is topsy turvy during remodeling.  Space for your sacred living is what supports you, as a sacred being, to uncover and express your unique, personal core – your truest expression of identity and soul.

Know that space for your sacred living is a necessity not a luxury.  It is having that space for your self that allows you to move out into meaningful relationships and to share your wisdom with the world.  Yes, you are needed in this world, and that means you need to take care of you!

Your physical space is a container for your life.  The objects around you can hold the space for what you want to do and say with your life.  Combine a bit of area, some wondering, and heart felt intention to creativity set physical space for yourself.  Remember to weave in all of your senses.  What do you want to see, hear, smell, and feel in the space?

Perhaps, a connection to the natural world is key for your space.  Tessa Bielecki has a deep relationship to the sky and daylight and she manifests that connection through the windows and doors in her home.   Read more here.

Bringing together manifestations of beauty from peoples separated by conflictMaybe you have a message you would like to symbolize?  Father David Denny shares a heart felt message with his home.  These plates are part of how he conveys this message.

“I wanted my door to open to a world, not just a house, to things that mean beauty to me, images that want to be wanted, that want to tell stories. I wanted to bring together manifestations of beauty from peoples separated by conflict: the sons and daughters of Abraham, our father in faith. Even if for now we cannot or will not live together in peace and justice, I wanted our handiwork to share a common ground, to suggest a premonition of reconciliation.”   Read more here.

The act of creating space for your sacred living is as important as having the space to be in.   You have all the time you need and you can have any do-overs that you want.  In fact, creating this space for yourself is never done.

Your inner wisdom knows what space to create and how to do it.  Just listen, and most of all, trust and believe what you hear.

It would be inspiring to hear about the space you have for your sacred living and how you put it together!  Please share ideas and pictures in the website commentsFacebookTwitter, or email.  #SacredLivingSpace

Would you like to meet Tessa Bielecki and Fr. David Denny and to know more about the contemplative spaces, both physical and non physical, that they have created for their lives?  You have two great opportunities available to connect with these inspiring, international leaders, teachers, and livers of contemplative life.  Please join us at one or both!

The Mystical Seasons of Our Lives: Wonder, Shattering, Glory
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Wisdom of the Seasons, Saints, and Mystics
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