Summer Spirit

Life is different in the summer.  We eat different foods and even cook differently.  The longer days and warmer weather beckons us outside.  The clothes we wear change.  Vacations take us away from our normal routines.  Even the pace and activities of our normal days are different.

I noticed that the spiritual practices I had been using were either dropped or feeling clunky and out of place.  At first I was thinking I should be more disciplined.  Then I started to wonder about seasonal changes being good for spiritual practices also.  I wanted something

  • Light
  • New or different in some way
  • Outside

I let go of what I had been doing and started using these.

  • Meditating in the morning, outside with the sounds of birds all around me.
  • Drawing a simple mandala at night to let go of the day and still my mind.

Here is the mandala that I drew last night – simple and loose to let everything slip away.  (All you need are markers and a piece of paper.  This YouTube video shows a process you can use.)

mandala 7_1_2015 500

These practices flow with my summer days.  What would your spiritual practices be if they were renewed with some summer time changes?