Hello! I’m back!

You know that old pattern that you think you’ve let go?  The one that reappears just when you think “Yes!  I’m past that.”   I’ve been saying hello to one of my old “friends” who is back to visit.

Last week I heard about a stress for entrepreneurs workshop.  Who couldn’t use a better way to deal with stress?  Plus it was being given by a Creative Life Center presenter who would give a good program.  Another plus, this was being done at a networking group that multiple people have suggested we go to.   I thought “You should go”  and signed up.

My old friend who is visiting?  Not listening to my inner voice.

Yesterday I started to hear what my inner voice had to say about the stress workshop.  “You did what?  Do you really think it’s a good idea to go to a 7 am networking event that is a half hour drive from your house?  How are you an introverted, non early morning person going to be “on” and talk to people?”  And then lots of inner laughter!  (It’s alway good to laugh at yourself.  🙂 )

I listened and I thought about it.  After I decided not to go, I could physically feel the relief in my body.  2 points to me for listening.  Maybe 3 points because I didn’t guilt myself either.

I can’t always do what my inner voice says but I do want to hear it.  I want that inner voice to know it’s heard so it keeps talking.  So I talk back.  🙂

Inner Voice:  “I want to draw.”
Me: “Ok!  Right now isn’t a good time.  Tonight we’ll do it.”

Here’s what we drew that night.  No idea what it is but we had fun.  And I was listening!

Crown Me

If I hadn’t listened to my inner voice, I would right now be just arriving home from the stress talk – drained and tired.  Instead I am rested, finished a blog post, and am ready to dig into a full day of projects for the Creative Life Center.

Our inner voices are wise and worth listening to!  What is yours telling you?

2 thoughts on “Hello! I’m back!

  1. Carol ODwyer

    What a great reminder, Marcia. You definitely get more than 3 points. This was 2 big wins–listening and not feeling guilty. I’d give that a minimum of 20 points! Congrats on the win and your negotiating skills–it’s impressive that you listened re: drawing and set up a time and followed through. Wins all around. Thanks (as always) for the inspiration.

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