Holy Disruption

One of the Facebook groups I enjoy offers a word or phrase for the day and members of the group creatively explore that word in their lives.  Earlier this week “Holy Disruption” was the phrase of the day.

It immediately caught my eye and thoughts – especially the idea of reframing an experience I usually view negatively as being holy.   And it reminded me of the words on a Brian Andreas print I have on my wall.  “Most people don’t know that there are angels whose only job is to make sure sure don’t get too comfortable and fall asleep and miss your life.”

A disruption that I have trouble appreciating is waking up and not being able to get back to sleep.  Mid week after a night of not so good sleep I finally got up to try relaxing with a shower and noticed it was already 4 am so I just started my day very early.  I was awake because my mind was mixing around thoughts for the Creative Life Center.  I spread out my papers and started in as I ate my early breakfast.  Ideas that had been jumbled sorted out and new possibilities jumped in.  By 7 am I was feeling great – tired but great – and I could see the holy in the disruption.

spread out

I’m excited about the new program in progress and all the ways that the Creative Life Center is expanding and adjusting to better provide those who are journeying in the wisdom stage of life – like you – with a rich range of expressive and spiritual opportunities to reclaim and express your powerful, essential self!

Still, I’d rather that future holy disruptions wait until daytime.  I don’t want to fall asleep and miss my life but I would like to fall asleep and not wake up until morning.  🙂