Going Through, Not Around

Sometimes it’s tempting to hurry around events that we’d rather not have to face.  We can’t avoid them so we want to jump over them and move on.  What would happen if instead, we went through the event, experiencing it and feeling through it, and then went forward?

This week I had a hysterectomy.  Although it is good for my body, it’s not something I had on my bucket list!  It was tempting to go around it, to not think about it before, just get it over and gloss through recovery with as little focus on the experience as possible.  That would have been a lost opportunity.

This is an experience in my life, even though I didn’t ask for it.  I’d rather live the experience and see what it has to offer than to ignore it.   I’m paying attention to how I’m feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually and will continue to do that through my renewal (I’ve re-framed recovery).  I am using my favorite ways of self connection and self care: art, journaling, and friends/family.

Here is an oil pastel drawing I did pre-surgery, imagining my post surgery body when the physical uterus would no longer be a drain on my body and the energy centered there could flourish again.

uterus after framed 300

This is a  journey and a journey always brings change.  I want to be fully present to the journey (pleasant and not so pleasant) and open to the changes it brings.

Next time you are tempted to go around an experience, consider going through it with self connection and self care.  You never know what you will treasures you will find.

p.s. Comments on this blog post have been turned off, as I won’t be able to moderate them in a timely fashion.  While I do appreciate good thoughts sent my way, I’m sharing this post so that my experience might give you ideas useful in your life rather than wanting you to focus on my surgery.