Get Your Travel On

This is a good time of year to travel.  Take an inner journey…  Do some adventurous self exploration and then reemerge with new form and flower.  For those of us in climates heading towards spring, this journey is an echo of what the natural world is doing.  And for those of us getting ready to start Lent next week, an inner journey is a natural reflection for the season, mirroring Jesus’ time in the wilderness.

Why do an inner journey?  Connecting with our self is the first step to being able to connect with the people and world around us.  Taking time to know our inner self centers and grounds us in being who we truly are.

The first step of a journey is the preparation and anticipation.  What would help you on this journey?  A guide book, a friend to travel with, a journal, art supplies?  Do you want to create a structure for the trip or do you want to flow with serendipity?  Do you have a specific exploration in mind or is the purpose of your trip open?  Spend some time pondering and getting ready.  Unless of course you are the type to decide to travel one minute and walk out the door five minutes later knowing you will pick up what you need on the way.  Then now is the time to head out!

Your transportation on the journey can be anything.  Here are some ideas to inspire you.

Steep in your experiences.  Enjoy and be in your journey just as it is or isn’t.  It has meaning for you.  You will go places and come to new understandings that you never would have without this time of exploration.

As your seasonal inner journey comes to an end or you take a reflective pause, hold yourself in compassion and tenderness as you move forward taking with you the gifts you received on the road.

Happy Travels!