Will you play with me?

I’ve been getting the message to play lately or rather to approach life and my daily doings in a playful way.  I can feel my body expand and relax just thinking about the word play.  (As opposed to the tensing I feel when I think of the word work.)

This is one of those times when I can think back and see how a message has been being sent for quite a while – repeating itself until I remember and incorporate it.

In November, Amy Angelilli gave a playshop at the Center using play and improv as tools to mindfulness.   Mindful funness!  Then there was the awesome game we were given at Christmas – Qwirkle.  It’s been hours of fun with our family.

Fire Child Creative Spark no logo 400

Another nudge because I wasn’t quite hearing…   Last week at a women’s new moon circle with Katherine Skaggs, I drew the card Child of Fire – Creative Spark (from the Mythical Goddess Tarot deck).  My message was to cultivate the attitude of a child in creative play.  To approach new things creatively as fun and play without feeling that I need to be able to do them perfectly.  I “play” with oil pastel drawings but could be much better at extending that attitude beyond drawing.

Nudged yet again – to get me beyond understanding to doing…  A few days later, during a SoulCollage® card reading, my “I am One Who Plays Pinochle” card turned up.  It spoke to me of the value of playing without worry about winning or doing things right.

With all those repeated messages, I’m starting to see ways to change even my daily “work” to have a playful approach.  (The universe is probably glad to see I’m finally getting the message!)  Here’s an example.  I’d like to get the Creative Life Center on Pinterest.  Instead of paying for an expert to tell me what the “right” way is, I’m going to play.  I will research, ask questions, and explore, but with the attitude that Pinterest is new to me and it will be good to creatively play with it without the push to be perfect and know how right away.

Play opens us to possibilities; it’s expansive.  Will you join me?  It’s play time!

2 thoughts on “Will you play with me?

  1. Carol ODwyer

    Such a great reminder, Marcia, to have a playful approach to everything in our lives. Rev. Edweine Gaines, when talking about spiritual work said that the work is sacred, it’s not serious. I definitely think the sacred involves play. Thanks yet again for a wonderful reminder!

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