A Labyrinth of Color

This past weekend I walked a labyrinth that I have walked many times before and yet the experience was fresh and new.  Usually my experience of a labyrinth walk is very internal.  Instead, this walk was a connection to what was surrounding me.

AUMC labyrinth fall colors

It was a beautiful fall day in Colorado.  As I enjoyed the turning path of the labyrinth my focus kept being drawn to what was outside of the labyrinth: bright yellow flowers still blooming, brilliantly colored leaves in the trees, and the snow covered Rocky Mountain peaks to the west.

AUMC labyrinth mtns fall  AUMC labyrinth trees fall

The message for me?  Know where I am and also pay attention to what is around me – the two are not separate.

What is surrounding you this week?

p.s.  This labyrinth is open year round to the public.  It is at the Arvada United Methodist Church in Arvada, CO.