Rocky Mountain Reflections

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The fall mountain scenery in the Rocky Mountains is awe inspiring!  Eva and I enjoyed being part of a ladies cabin weekend here not too long ago.  The weekend was a container for reflections of all kinds – and plenty of laughter and good food!

Our group shared with each other the Truths of life that we had each gathered in our 50 plus or minus years of life so far.  Here are mine.

  • A flower in a vase brightens the day.
  • Ladies weekends are required.  (You can start small with desert nights and work your way up.)
  • Bring your own pillow.
  • Be true to yourself.  Be TRUE to yourself.
  • If you spend all of your energy on others, you are no good to anyone.  And the corollary – If you invest in your own energy and self, positive effects ripple out to others.
  • Change is normal life.  Don’t expect (or wait for!) smooth sailing.
  • We box our own selves in.
  • Everyone does not think like me.

What are your Truths?  I’d love to hear them in the comments or on Facebook.

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