And it was Good!

I am bouncing in my chair happy today!  I am excited and honored to be featured in Christine Valters Paintner’s Abbey of the Arts blog with a Monk in the World guest post.

And it was Good

marcia-chadly-Circled-Cross-2014-300x245Contemplative drawing is one of my favorite practices as a Monk in the World.  The story of contemplative drawing in my life is a creation story.  Spending time with this practice recreated my life.   Each drawing time is also a creation story.  The blank page becomes filled with color and form that brings meaning and life.

About 10 years ago I was in the process of reconnecting to myself and rediscovering my inner voice.  After a major life transition, I was refashioning my life.  There had been a time in the darkness of unknowing and now light was starting to appear.

I noticed a weekend art retreat at a Benedictine abbey and signed up without a clue that the weekend would be a turning point for me.  Along with meeting a nun for the first time…