8, eight, ate… Create (organic and locally grown)

I love this understanding of creativity!

“creativity has to do with really noticing the things that are without, letting them bloom in the great within, and being available to the possibility of novelty, of newness. …  And then one day, something emerges as a full-fledged possibility”  Jean Houston

Notice and bring within you anything that you encounter: ideas, sounds, sights, smells, movements, etc.  Take notes and draw pictures to help you collect your “noticings”.  Defer judgement until later.  For now just soak in and compost.  Add your problems and projects into the mix.  Watch for the blooming that will organically emerge.

The night after I heard Jean speak the quote above, the number 8 appeared in my dream and repeated itself.  I took notice and started soaking in “8” in my dream.   8 could be drawn as two stacked ovals…  and also as a continuous looping line…  like a horizontal infinity symbol… written as eight…  “ate” is pronounced the same…  ∞…  ouroboros, a snake eating its tail…  back to “ate”…  visualizing the knotted ouroboros that I drew…

Ouroboros Green

The soaking in continued after I woke up.  My back was a bit sore and needed stretching.  What would happen if I stretched the “8”?…  a rubber band…  a mobius strip…   I noticed the Harry Potter book that I am reading sitting beside my bed.  Was there a spell that used an infinity shaped movement?…  magical…  Magic Eight ball…  8 ball in pool…  sinking it ends the game but it must be your last ball…  similarly timing is critical when catching the snitch in quidditch

Wow – lots of thoughts starting from one little number!  I don’t know which will lead to something or why.  I’ve brought these thoughts within, composting with my current projects and problems, and now am open to the blooming to come.  🙂

ps  Writing this post reminded me that our twitter handle is @Cr8Life  Evidently 8 has a lot to say to me!

2 thoughts on “8, eight, ate… Create (organic and locally grown)

  1. Carol ODwyer

    What a fabulous definition of creativity, Marcia. And a wonderful example of applying the definition. It seems like such a simple thing to do, yet I can get caught in ‘outcome’ rather than ‘observation’. Also love your image of ‘composting’ for idea. Much to think about an apply as usual! Thanks.

    1. Marcia

      Thanks Carol! It also is more fun to absorb and compost with faith that blooming will happen than to worry about outcome. 🙂 I have to keep reminding myself that too.

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