Gifts from Grandma

1962_Marcia_Grandma_AprMy maternal grandmother has lived all of her life in Southwest Iowa on farms and in small towns.  I am her oldest grandchild.  In this picture I was a couple of weeks old.  Grandma was 41.

I have been thinking about all of the things that I have learned through Grandma.  She taught me that a woman is a multi-talented being!  Through her example, I saw that women can run households, nurse and care for others, manage financial affairs, serve the community, run meetings, be organizers, dig wells, do plumbing/electrical/mechanical repairs, grow and preserve food, tend and process livestock, laugh, think, imagine, create, be strong and self reliant, and connect with others.  In short, women are complete, fully capable people!

Life Lessons Learned Through Grandma

  • Life is for creating, in all kinds of ways.  And having stashes of yarn and fabric is a good thing.  🙂
  • Good food feeds the body and soul.  Grandma’s homemade noodles, fried chicken, and fried cornmeal mush are my favorites!
  • Real life, with all of its ups and downs, is enjoyable.  Keep going through tough times (without becoming bitter) and better days will come.
  • Family ties are important!
  • Connect with a church and think for yourself about what you believe.
  • Observe and know what is happening around you.  Being a person of few words is just fine.
  • Independence is a strength.
  • Live long and smile.

Here we are in a picture from earlier this year.  Grandma at 93 and me at 52.

2014_March_Marcia_GrandmaMy hope is to live a life that inspires my grandchildren as Grandma has done for me.  What about your grandparents or other older relatives inspires you?  What do you do to inspire younger generations?

6 thoughts on “Gifts from Grandma

    1. Marcia

      I have been very blessed to have had Grandma in my life for so long! And blessed by a mother who has organized all her photos so I could easily find a picture they took in 1962!

  1. Tammy

    Shockingly capable, amazingly resilient woman. I hope some of those genes made it my way.

  2. Valerie

    Marcia, that’s such a beautiful testament to your grandma’s life. Thank you for sharing her deep wisdom. May you rest in her eternal embrace in these days of honoring her life, and may her wisdom keep shining through you in the years to come.

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