Taught by a Needle

Lessons taught to me by a felting needle (well several needles 🙂 ).

  • Self protection
    • A needle doesn’t know what it is pushing into.  It’s your job to protect yourself.
  • Mindfulness
    • Pay attention or learn to quickly.  (See #1)
  • Create change
    • Move things around once in a while or get stuck.
  • Patience
    • Multiple smaller passes work better than one large one.
  • Watch for the surprises
    • What is inadvertently created on the back can be as wonderful as the intentional front.
  • You can’t go back
    • Once felted, it does not un-felt.
  • Both/And
    • Three needles together can get more done faster.  And sometimes one needle is needed for control and detail.
  • Acceptance
    • Needles break – not because they have a problem but because they are used in a way contrary to their nature.  They are made to go in and out at the same angle, no bending.
  • Power with
    • Wool roving won’t separate if you pull with your hands close together – working against the fibers. If you move your hands apart to account for the length of fibers, they separate easily.
  • Put yourself into it
    • What you create will contain a part of you.

felting tool upclose 430