Only the Beginning

Graduating, starting a new job, getting married, having a child, moving, and other life transitions are big changes.  Or are they?  The event itself is often viewed as the change, especially when months or years are spent in preparation.  We think, “Once xxx happens, all will be different for me.”

The external situation does change, but is all different for me?

I was reminded this week that an external change is only the beginning.  It is the stepping into the process of the “real” change – the internal changes that do make me different.

Changing my job was a big event and brought many immediate changes to my life, but the event of starting the new job is only the beginning of the changes in me.  The change is not complete.  If I am the same in the new job as in the old, then there really wasn’t a change.  What I can do is to leverage the external change for internal growth.  Some of the internal changes happen naturally, without much thought, triggered by the external change of circumstances.  Intentionally being open to new ways of being, doing, and thinking brings even more internal change.  The new job is not the desired end – the different me is.

External changes are only the beginning.  They are the start of the journey.

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