Exercising Intuition

I have started walking to work.  My office is at home so walking to work means that I put on my tennis shoes, walk around the neighborhood, come home, put on my slippers, and get to work.  🙂

The physical movement alone is great.  One of the other benefits from this practice is less tangible and as important.  I am exercising my intuition.

I intentionally don’t have a planned route.  Each walk I tune in to my inner voice and my body; I listen for what direction to walk, when to turn,  and how fast to go.  I also watch to see if I can uncover a reason for where I am walking.  This morning I turned just in time to see an original VW Bug covered with big, bright flowers tootle by – a smile for my morning.

Each walk I give my intuition exercise in a very physical, real world way – strengthening my body and my intuition at the same time!

walking rect medium

ps  Would you like to explore a simple way to give voice to your intuition using images?  I wrote an article, Giving Voice to Your Intuition, that we are sharing as a thank you for joining the Creative Life Center email list.  There is a sign up form on our website.  If you are already on the email list, you can sign up with the same email and receive the article without getting duplicate Center email.

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