Getting Back on Track

We recently took an unexpected, out of town trip to be with a relative in the hospital.  A few days into the visit, I noticed myself thinking that once we got home I would get back on track – back to my Lent journey, back to “my life”.

Then I remembered the labyrinth and the way the path can turn so that you seem to be moving farther from the center when actually you are getting closer.   I had to laugh at myself.  I wasn’t off track at all.  This visit was part of my path.  The path had just turned an unexpected direction.  I needed to live these days with the awareness of being on my path, not as if I was in a holding pattern waiting to get back on track.

labyrinth with shadowAnd so my Lent experience this year included the unexpected – enjoying the blessings of spring in Iowa and time with my parents, grandmother, and aunt.

What unexpected turns are happening on your path?  Do you see them as part of the journey rather than taking you off track?

2 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track

  1. Carol ODwyer

    Thanks for this, Marcia. Losing my friend seemed to be an event which took me off track. I like this reminder about the labyrinth. It’s all the path. I will keep that in mind this week as I travel to Maryland to celebrate my friend’s life with her family.

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