A View with a Twist

Sometimes a simple twist in thought is a big shift!

One of the participants in Monday night’s Inner Journey of Lent class is reading An Altar in the World by Barbara Brown Taylor.  Barbara mentions praying for guidance about which path to take.  The answer was to do whatever you want, just do it in connection with me.

Hearing that was a twist for me.  I have at times been caught up looking for “my path” to give meaning to life.  Perhaps – no, most probably –  the searching and question need to be twisted slightly.  I am to be looking for the way to live in connection in order to give meaning to life.

The path is not the “what” it is the “how”!

Robb North / Foter / CC BY

2 thoughts on “A View with a Twist

    1. Marcia

      Thanks Carol. I know I’ve heard that idea in different words from different people before but this time it clicked. Now to remember it… 🙂

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