Manifesting the Images

While creating our International Women’s Day event, A Celebration of Women and You!, Eva and I moved outside of linear thinking and to-do lists.  The tool that we chose to use was a SoulCollage® exploration of the question, “What do we include in our event?

(SoulCollage® cards are created to represent parts of yourself, beings in your life, body energies, and larger archetypal energies in your life.  Your cards provide a way to access your own inner wisdom.  Click here to learn more.)

We each drew three cards, sight unseen, from our decks.  The first card we drew was to shed light on the “Heart of the Matter”, what was central to include in the event.  The second card was to speak to the “Cross Current”, something working in opposition to the event.  The last card was to show a “Needed Attitude or Action”, what our inner wisdom was suggesting to do with the event.  As each card was turned over, we spoke “I am one who” statements, talking as if we were the card rather than describing it.  Then we sifted out the message of the card in relation to our question.

Suzanne SC card nonun

Anyone recognize the Creative Life Center presenter in Marcia’s card shown above?  We were thrilled to have Suzanne Frazier show up in this reading.  Her card’s message was to support everyone to experience the event comfortably, in their own way.  Which is exactly how she facilitates her classes and workshops.

Wow!  We loved the clear direction we uncovered with this reading.

The Celebration of Women and You! will –

  • Be light-hearted in a deep and meaningful way
  • Balance personal and group experience
  • Tap into individual, group, and global energy
  • Include ritual connection with the divine feminine
  • Remind us that we are each special
  • Be comfortable and meaningful to everyone; meeting people where they are

Boulder/Denver area women are invited to be part of the manifesting of these images!  Register and bring a friend for free to A Celebration of Women and You!   Registration closes Wednesday evening.

Would you like to explore SoulCollage®?  There are four upcoming classes using the SoulCollage® process.