Active Waiting

Last fall, I was trying to discern timing to make a specific change.  I used guided meditation and active imagination to connect with my inner wisdom.  The message that I uncovered was to make a shawl.  The time spent knitting the shawl would be time to meditate on the change – active waiting.    And once finished, the shawl would wrap me in comfort and courage as I made the change.

This reminded me of Penelope and her suitors in the Odyssey.  She waited many years for her husband, King Odysseus, to return home.  Eventually pressure was put on her to remarry.  She was able to gain control over the timing by agreeing to remarry after she completed a tapestry.  Each day she worked on the tapestry and and each night she undid most of the rows from the day to delay her suitors.

Knitting my shawl has been similar, a time of waiting delineated by completion of a work of my hands.  But I am not trying to delay the change in order to avoid it.  So, I have not been taking out rows at night.  My shawl is very close to being finished – perhaps this week.  I have learned much by meditating with it and will post these learnings on our Facebook page this week.

Shawls are layered with rich imagery and meaning.  Do you have a prayer or other shawl that has meaning for you?

Provision by Melanie Weidner

Provision by Melanie Weidner of  (Used by permission.)

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    1. Marcia

      Here are the two lessons that I posted on Facebook today –

      Lessons learned from knitting #1
      Loosen up and relax – but don’t let go.
      (See the accompanying picture on FB here )

      Lessons learned from knitting #2
      There are good times to stop – and the middle of a row is not one of them!

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