Heart and Soul Evangelism

Earlier this week, I attended an online business meeting for my other job.  Generally that would not be the highlight of my day.  (Or lead to a blog post!)  It turned out to be a reminder that inspiration can be found in the darnedest of places.

One of the speakers reached out and grabbed my attention as soon as he started talking.  He was excited, and he let it be seen.   He was passionate about the good being done, the improvements needed, and what the possibilities were.  Passion was bursting out of this guy and he had to share it.  What made him so appealing was that he was being genuine.  This was not an image put on to sell or to motivate.  It was clear that he felt and believed what he said.  This speaker was a breath of fresh air – well more like a strong, playful wind.

Evangelist.  One of his titles at a former company was Corporate Vice President xxx Evangelist.  When I read that, I understood.  This man has major evangelist energy.  Not phoney, manipulative evangelism, but heart and soul evangelism that overflows and takes his passion out into the world.

What an example to remember when I have a chance share my heart and soul passions!  The way to spread the Creative Life Center vision and mission, is to feel into my passion with them and share it  – with gusto!

What is bursting out of your heart and soul and is calling you to be an evangelist?

Multi Burst
kyeniz / Foter.com / CC BY