What… what can I do?

The feeling of wanting to do something.  Wanting to help.  Wanting to connect.  Wanting to give substance to your deep caring.  What do you do?

When I am at home I often light a candle.  Lighting the flame and seeing it burning brings my thoughts and prayers into the physical world.  I sometimes text or email a picture of the burning candle to the related person to give them a physical presence of the prayer too.

There are times when I am at work and want that same prayer presence without lighting a physical candle.  I go to www.gratefulness.org/candles and light a virtual candle.  Once the candle is lit, I go back to its webpage and click “open minicandle” to create a small window that I leave on my computer desktop.  The candle flickers and burns down in that window for two days.  I can also email a link to the candle and message to share those thoughts.

Here is the mini candle open on my desktop today – a prayer for a friend in the hospital on the other side of the country.


Click here to see the candle that I have lit for you.  (It will be burning until 4pm MST on November 22nd, 2013.)

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