Reflections and Rememberings

Last week we had the pleasure of attending a story telling workshop given by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  She is an amazing woman, story teller, and teacher!  (If you haven’t crossed paths with her before, take a look at her book Women Who Run With The Wolves.)

For six days, we sat with a hundred women from all around the world learning about telling stories with our own original voice.    We learned tools and techniques for writing stories and much much more.  As is often the case with an intensive and valuable workshop, I wondered – How could I possibly remember so much?

The key is that I don’t have to remember it all.  I will remember what I need!  The most important learning that I received from this workshop is beyond stories and writing.  Dr. Estes reminded us frequently to ask “Is this good, holy, and healthy?” and only if so then we could entertain doing whatever we were considering.  While my head has known this for a while, it took this workshop to move the question from my head to my heart.

The question “Is this good, holy, and healthy?” is the answer to a question I have been struggling with for quite a while.  If this question/answer is the only thing that I retain from those six days, I am fully blessed by having gone.

Sunrise ranch rock reflection