And the Rain Came Tumbling Down!

I had a conversation this week about the rain and flooding that happened here in Colorado.  Well, I’ve had many conversations about it, but the latest one is triggering a lot of thinking.  (Please understand that nothing I am saying here is in any way meant to undermine or negate the very real personal and physical tragedy that occurred.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted.)

The woman that was talking said that as the rains were just starting, she got a message (a knowing, an insight…) that the rains were coming to do a needed cleansing and that it would be destructive for some.  I had not spent time thinking about the rain and flooding as anything other than a physical and practical level.  I was sparked to think about what happened on another level.  Rains are cleansing.  What did they clear out?  Flooding spreads fertile nutrients.  What is being fertilized?  Both rain and floods can be destructive.  What was being destroyed?

I have a print called Angels of Mercy from Brian Andreas on my wall.  See it here.  The quote on the print is

Most people don’t know there are angels whose only job is to make sure you don’t get too comfortable & fall asleep & miss your life.

Those angels were working overtime during the flooding.

Here is the big question floating around in my thoughts today as I continue to ponder the rain.  It is time for parts of my life to flow in new ways.  That sometimes happens in abrupt and seemingly destructive ways.  Am I ready to ride the storm, cleanup, and rebuild?

Are you?