Touching through Time

Spending time in my parent’s small Iowa town church led me to thinking about hands and touching – and time.

How many other people’s hands touched the top of this stairway?  My parents were married in this church.  Was I touching the same place that their hands touched on their wedding day – over 50 years ago?  The thought of that connection makes me smile.

church stair Who sat in this pew over the years and rested their arm here?  How were their lives different from mine and how are we all the same?church pew

Who will open this door in the future, using the same handle that I held last weekend? church door

One last picture – touching connection.  The hands of four generations: my grandmother, my mother, myself, and my daughter.  We touch even when we are not together.

4 generations of hands

We all cross paths with others in touch and location – even when we don’t connect in time.  Today be mindful of what you touch and the paths you cross with your touch.

2 thoughts on “Touching through Time

  1. Carol ODwyer

    Marcia, I loved this, especially the photo of the interconnected hands of the four generations. I recently went to my Aunt Chet’s funeral in New Jersey, in the church where my parents and my aunt and uncle married. It was definitely cause for reflection. Thanks for capturing what I was feeling in such a creative way.

    1. Marcia

      It is amazing how powerful a place can be when you think of who else has been there and who will follow! Love the synchronicity of us both being in old family churches. 🙂

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