Today is Give Yourself a Gift Day!

We give gifts to others for many reasons.

  • To celebrate – a special day or any day (just because)
  • To show appreciation
  • To show love
  • To connect
  • To give something that is needed or desired
  • To spark happiness
  • To be supportive

How often do you think of gifting yourself?  These are all great reasons to give yourself a gift!

  • To celebrate yourself
  • To appreciate yourself
  • To love yourself
  • To connect to yourself
  • To fill your need or desire
  • To spark your happiness
  • To be supportive of yourself

This morning, I gave myself the gift of a morning free of planning, shoulds, and to do lists.  Instead I did what I felt drawn to and relaxed into the time.

Today, take some time to think about a gift and give it to yourself.  It might cost money; it might not.  It might take time; it might not.  Whatever gift you choose, enjoy giving it to yourself and enjoy receiving it from yourself!