The Sky’s the Limit

It’s that time of year – graduation ceremonies with all of the surrounding excitement!  We get to hear principals and other speakers talk about the room containing future doctors, lawyers, inventors, engineers, musicians, poets and artists.  (Ok, I added the last three because sometimes people forget to mention them.)  My stomach gets this excited feeling imaging the unlimited potential of the students and what is ahead for them.  They have so many years ahead to “become”.

What if I looked at my life with the same unbridled glow of opportunity?  Why not!  The new graduates do have the potential found in time – and they need it.  They need time to gain experience, knowledge, and maturity.  I don’t have 50 years ahead of me.  My potential is based in the experience, knowledge, and wisdom gained in the 50 years of living that I have already done.

My unlimited potential comes from leveraging all that is in me and flowing through me.  I can feel the same “wow” in the pit of my stomach about my future as I do about the kids that are graduating.  In fact, I can feel that about each new day.  I can and I will!  The sky’s the limit for me – and for you!

A Blessing for Our Graduate and Yours – and for Each of Us

May you greet each day with a feeling of excitement about what will unfold and give yourself the gift of unlimited potential.

4 thoughts on “The Sky’s the Limit

  1. Sam Pottinger

    Life is a journey…an adventure with new memories (mostly good), expectations and accomplishments.

    Praise God+

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