Tree of Life

What do you envision when you imagine a Tree of Life?

I have been asked to create a Tree of Life to have on the platform/stage for the Rocky Mountain United Methodist Annual Conference – a gathering of local United Methodist clergy and laity.  The theme for the conference is the Tree of Life from Revelation 22:2.

Not being very familiar with the book of Revelation, I did some searching online to explore.  One of the aspects of the tree is abundance – it bears fruit continuously.  Its leaves are for healing and the waters of life flow near it.  Scroll down on this page to see a great stain glass window interpretation of the Tree of Life.



After some pondering and a bit of shopping, I created this mock up to try out some ideas.  This was about 9 feet tall.  I envisioned adding something hanging within the tree top – and some representation of the waters of life.






Today I started actual work on the tree – beginning with the “trunk”.  The tree is now on a stand – so will probably be about 11 feet tall.  I plan to have the base of the trunk split out into roots.

tree_5_15 upperTree_5_15








The creation of this tree is a journey.  I have a heading and some general idea of how to get there – but no GPS giving me turn by turn directions.  The fun part is seeing where I end up and enjoying how I get there!

To see more of this journey, watch for updates on the Creative Life Center Facebook page.

Do you have a journey in progress – something to enjoy as it unfolds and develops?

2 thoughts on “Tree of Life

  1. Carol ODwyer

    Love how you’re approaching this, Marcia. It reminds me to stay in the creative flow and out of efforting in my current ‘project.’
    Know you’ll enjoy the process and that the finished product will inspire and uplift the conference participants.

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