Being Connected and Doing Connected

Sometimes I find myself reaching for my phone to check email or Facebook and wonder “Why?”  What is drawing me out of where I am to the “other” world of the internet?

Often, it is a desire for connection.  I enjoy the ability of the internet to connect so quickly and so easily with people and places beyond where I am physically at the moment.  Yet there are times when reading email or visiting Facebook doesn’t give me a sense of enjoyment.  Instead, I’m left wanting and needing to check again in a little bit.  At that point I am “doing connected” – going through the motions of connecting to others but not getting what I’m really wanting.

Colleen Benelli, Photographer

I am really looking for “being connected”.  That feeling, that knowing, of connection with All – a sense of being in connection beyond myself.  Frequent internet connecting won’t bring me to “being connected”.  Meditation and contemplative art are two things that will.  Next time I find myself reaching for my phone over and over, a bit of deep breathing is probably a good idea.  🙂

Do you find yourself “doing connected” when what would feed your soul is “being connected”?  What leads you to “being connected”?


2 thoughts on “Being Connected and Doing Connected

  1. Sam Pottinger

    In addition…I find that a face to face conversation with others is most fulfilling.
    As Jesus said, “when two or more are gathered in my name (truth), I am there”
    I have found that without fail – new insights, solutions, and fullness are the result.

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