What a Difference a Few Days Make!

tea             snow tea lg

Same flower, same cup – four days later.  Sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s to snow and temperatures in the 30’s.  Colorado weather is a great reminder that change happens (all the time).

I’ve been wondering what today’s snow is saying to me.  Saturday I spent the day planting flower beds and outside pots – knowing I was breaking the local rule about not planting outside before Mother’s Day.  Still, I don’t think the snow is telling me that planting was a mistake.  Even though I had to cover the beds last night (hoping that none of the plants freeze), I’m glad I sent Saturday outside with my hands in the soil.

This snow has a message for me about timing.  Make plans, have ideas and also be flexible to what opportunities open up or close down.  There are things we have control over and things we would be best to adjust to.  Due to the weather and other things I didn’t control, Saturday became a great day to plant flowers.  I am so glad I took advantage of the opportunity.  Today, with the snow, is time for other things.

Is there an unplanned opportunity open for you today?