Be Careful What You Ask For

snake rosaryI was asking myself why some things I’m not so excited about are happening in my life.  I know things just happen and life doesn’t go as planned but couldn’t that be in someone else’s day?  Then I remembered.  Oh, my….

This being the Year of the Snake and all, I had been praying for release, renewal, and transformation using this snake rosary created by Jennifer Mantle.  I really had to laugh at myself.  I was anticipating the my transformed self – smooth, polished, and shiny – and skipped right past the transformation part of the timeline.

What transforms?  Not the smooth road, but the bumps and thumps in my life.  Those not so exciting things are happening because I asked for them – asked to grow and change.  They are the answer to my prayers.  If I want to transform, I need to embrace them and work with them – not wish them away.

Are there unexpected happenings in your life that are helping you to grow and transform?

4 thoughts on “Be Careful What You Ask For

  1. Robin Kupernik

    Thanks Marcia – this is so true for me too! It’s a good reminder that being out of your comfort zone is not fun, but it the way to the change and transformation that we hope for.

    1. Marcia

      And I think there is a difference in my reaction when I choose to stretch my comfort zone and when it gets stretched for me. 🙂 Both are needed.

  2. Carol ODwyer

    Marcia, what a timely reminder. There are some challenging things afoot and this helps me remember that I did indeed ask for them when I asked for healing and transformation. How quickly we forget!

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