What was the sound?

“A magical sound.”  Was the answer of a young girl to Rev. Rusty Butler’s question.  He asked “What was the sound of the resurrection?” during Easter morning children’s time.

Brilliant – a brilliant way to look at a story in a new way to add meaning and dimension!  Over the course of Holy Week I had been pondering what the various stories had to say to me about my life.  I love mythology and stories, but can most easily see how they relate to me when someone else interprets the stores.  Holy Week writings by Jean Houston, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, and Christine Valters Paintner had given me insights.  What struck the biggest chord though, was Rev. Butler’s idea to think about a story using sound!

Imagining sound for a story brings it to life in a non linear way – my brain gets out of the way.  I can absorb the meaning in a whole new way.  And each time I give a different sound to the story, it has new meaning.  The “sound” of resurrection could be a magical whoosh, a timpani drum roll, or birds singing in the sun of a new day.

This tool can be applied to stories of events that haven’t happened yet – to explore bringing life to them in different ways.  The Creative Life Center Open House is a week from Saturday.  What will it sound like?  Voices and laughter from conversations all around, weaving you into community?  A song by a bell choir, as you connect with different ideas?  A crack of lightening followed by thunder, signaling a big “aha” moment?  Maybe a soothing, settling silence as your mind quiets?

I would love to hear what the sound of the open house is for you!  Come to the open house and let me know.

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