A Whale of a Tale and It’s All True

Whale spout in Juneau


There it was!  A whale spout and back appearing above the water.  In the waters near Juneau – Alaska.  And I was there – on the top deck of the boat thoroughly enjoying the scenery and the cool air rushing by my face as we moved through the water!


And now I was loving, just loving the whales as they appeared.  A back and then… yes – a tail.  Those brief visual connections, with only a small part of what I knew to be an awesome being that lives a life I can’t even imagine, were thrilling.

Whale's tale

The evening was one of those highlights in life that stay with me.  I can look at the pictures or close my eyes and remember the look of the leathery skin and water dripping off the tails.  My body has a memory too – and I can physically relive the joy and fullness of life I felt then.

When I am stressed or bothered, recalling one of my life’s highlights offers a much needed break and change of perspective.  In one of the workshops that I have taken with Jean Houston, she suggested having a “list” of these memories so that we can easily relive one when we need it.  What are some of the highlights of your life that lift your spirit?  Take some time to collect the memories and then relive them when you want to bring joy and light to yourself.