There is No Place Like…

Is there a place where you feel comfortable just being there?  You breath in and your shoulders relax and you feel oh so comfortable.

Iowa FarmI have that connection with Iowa.  I drive over the border and can feel the change.  There is a welcoming comfort and connection that I don’t get any where else.  I soak it all in whenever I get the chance to go back.  The corn starting to grow in flowing rows or tasseling in the hot sun or brittle dry stocks in snow blown fields.  Perhaps I’m there when the rolling hills are filled with fall colors.  Always there is the wide open sky that expands and fills me.  I love to be able to see into the distance all around me.

Not everyone gets so excited about Iowa.  🙂  It wouldn’t surprise me though, if everyone had some place where they could experience a similar comfort and connection.  Think about your spot.  Close your eyes and feel being there.

That is the feeling we want you to find at the Creative Life Center.  The center is a welcoming place, a place where you can have connection.  Having such places in our lives allows us to venture out beyond the comfort into the unknown where we stretch and grow.