Looking for You! (and You Too!)

I woke up this morning with spinning thoughts around getting people to the Creative Life Center at St. Ambrose Open House and to our classes.  One of my deepest desires is to bring expanding experiences into the lives of those who would appreciate it.  The first steps are to get the word out about our center and to get people in the door at our open house.


Actually we’ve been praying for and calling to those that the center will serve  for several weeks.  I created a small altar to remind us about both those who will be taking the classes and those who will be presenting.  When I see it I think about our center being seen by and seeing you and you and you!  You are in our thoughts and at the base of our dreams.


Thinking and to-do lists definitely have a place in the flow of coordinating the center. They aren’t the be all and end all though.  Jean Houston talks about bringing ideas into life and solving problems by expanding beyond linear thinking.  She suggests drumming them, singing them, dancing them, painting them…

Life of the CenterThis morning before I started on linear ways to grow and market the open house, I spent time drawing the connection of folks coming to the center – being a part of it and each other.  I was drawing my desires into life.  The process of the oil pastel drawing was an active prayer.  I enjoy the finished drawing – mostly because it reminds me of the experience of drawing it.

What is spinning in your thoughts?  What do you want to bring to life?  In addition to your normal actions and thinking, try bringing other experience into the process.  Drum, sing, dance, write poetry, or paint the issue or what you want to see happen.  Bring the energy into your life in multiple ways!