You Know You are on the Right Track When

You know you are on the right track when opportunities, people, and events (both past and present) start to weave together into something cohesive and new.  Things that you thought were separate and unrelated – possibly even contradictory – become connected in the bigger, current picture.  Magic and synchronicity happen, and what was confusing starts to make sense.

Here is an example.  Two years ago I was at a conference and had a meeting in the “Rocking Chair Room”.  I walked in to 10 rocking chairs in a circle and said out loud “I want a room like this!”  I got home and rocking chairs started appearing.  A friend was given a chair and asked if we wanted it.  I stopped by a thrift store 50% off sale and there was a rocking chair.  Rocking chairs of all shapes and sizes popped up.  Within a few weeks we had gained 6 rocking chairs and a Rocking Chair Room!Rocking chairsThat space is where I now meditate – that meditation time is one of the threads that is weaving itself into this center.  Weaving along with it are people I’ve met (who would have thought that Jean Houston would do a workshop in a house 2 miles from mine?), experiences that came my way (the retreat that I went to because it mentioned art that led to a contemplative spiritual practice), books I happened to read (Night Visions), websites that I saw at just the right time (, the possibility to create a website that didn’t happen (but it introduced me to WordPress and lead to this website), and through it all friends and family with support and opportunities.  I am on the right track!

What do you see weaving together in your life?  What did you do in the past that is opening doors now?