Desire or Ambition

Ambition takes willpower and constant applications of energy to stay on a perceived bearing; desire demands only a constant attention to the unknown gravitational field which surrounds us and from which we can recharge ourselves every moment”         David Whyte, Crossing the Unknown Sea

Bird tracks in sandAmbition and desire, both are about wanting to achieve a future goal or outcome.   The difference is in the getting there… and perhaps even where we get.  What path do you take?

Ambition centers on “I”.   I will use my personal fortitude and effort, my personal force, to achieve the goal.  I trust in only myself and will push against all forces.   Ambition zaps our energy, leaving us depleted.

Desire centers on connection, it is what we can do with the support of the Divine that surrounds and moves through us.  Desire is opening to trust and being present to the flow of life.  Effort is still key to achieving the goal and there may very well be difficult times and hard work.  The difference is in not laboring alone; the Divine flow aids our effort and recharges our energy.

How do we turn ambition around and tap into desire instead?

Become centered on connection with the Divine…  to be present and aware – to be here, not in the past or in the future or distracted sideways in thought.  That connection is what fuels our desire and energizes us.  We notice opportunities and hear internal whispers of ideas that guide and support our efforts.

Our approach to the goal is key.   To change from using ambition to using desire, have a desire to desire – not an ambition to desire.  How would your days be different if you lived a life of desire?